AP English Literature and Composition

Summer Work 2018

Ms. Parker


Dear AP Literature Student:

Congratulations on your decision to take AP Lit. The course is rigorous and will help prepare you for the reading and writing you will need to do in college. Please be thoughtful about managing your assignments so that you can complete each one on time. Additionally, be sure to look ahead so that you will have time to email me with any questions that you might have so that we can resolve those issues well in advance of the due date.

Assignments and Due Dates:

To submit all assignments, please create and share with me a single Google Doc.  Continue to add to that same document all summer.  I will provide feedback to you within that document as I am able on each assignment.

July 1st – Please select a book from the list under the Book List tab. Email me the title. Please acquire the book and read it in its entirety by July 15th.

July 15th –  Please read carefully and start early – there are several items due today.

  1. You should have finished reading your novel by now.
  2. Create and a share a Google Doc with me for all of your summer work.
  3. Answer in your Google Doc the two short answer questions (50 words each) on your novel as outlined under the Novel Assignment Grid tab.
  4. Complete and add to your Google Doc the four college short answer questions (25 words each), the response about yourself and your college search process, and the college table as outlined under the College Application Questions tab.

July 22nd – Complete and add to your Google Doc the Row 2: Analysis assignment under the Novel Assignment Grid tab.

August 5th – Complete and add to your Google Doc the Row 3: Synthesis assignment under the Novel Assignment Grid tab.

August 12th – Complete and add to your Google Doc a full draft of your college essay as outlined under the College Essay tab.  You must have an essay done by this date, but I hope that you will work on this sooner and send me several drafts for feedback throughout the summer.