AP English Literature and Composition

Summer Work 2019

Ms. Parker


Dear AP Literature Student:

Congratulations on your decision to take AP Lit. The course is rigorous and will help prepare you for the reading and writing you will need to do in college.

During the summer and especially throughout the year, please be thoughtful about managing your assignments so that you can complete each one on time. Additionally, be sure to look ahead so that you will have time to email me with any questions that you might have so that we can resolve those issues well in advance of the due date.

Assignments and Due Dates:

To submit all assignments, please create and share with me a single Google Doc.  Continue to add each assignment to that same document.  I will provide feedback to you within that document.  Email me if you have any questions, or if you feel that I have not seen a newly added assignment.

In July, read one or more of the SHS community reads. There are a variety of books on the list. You should select one that appeals to you. I will expect you to participate in the Book Club Social on September 12th after school as a leader of the school.

July 25th

  • Create a single Google Doc for your summer work and share it with me at shsapenglish@gmail.com.
  • Submit your application question responses and completed college grid. You will find the specifics for these assignments under the College Application Grid and Questions tab on my website.

August 1st

  • Add your college essay to the Google Doc. You will find questions and more information about how to write the college essay under the College Essay tab on my website. You are welcome to add your college essay anytime before this. I will work with you on it as much as you would like to over the summer.

August 15th

  • Give me the title of the book you are going to read from the AP Book List tab on my website, acquire your book, and read it in its entirety. This is not a book from the SHS Community Reading list. This is a book of “appropriate literary merit” and can be used for question 3 on the AP Lit exam. It is important that you read it thoroughly and thoughtfully. You will have an essay test on it during our second class period together. You are allowed to use all of your notes on this test, so please be well prepared. As you read, think about what questions your book is asking and how well it addresses those questions or attempts to answer them.


  • In-class essay during our second class together.  Please bring your book and notes.

September 12th

  • SHS Community Summer Reading Book Club Social 2:15-3pm.